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People who want to truly transform their life want to hear from experience.

They are facing situations that cause extreme stress, anguish, financial woe and tireless nights.

Hi I'm Tyree Washington, Motivational Speaker

In life you may encounter people and things that may slow you down from reaching your destination, but those people and things will never stop you from reaching your destination.
“Destiny can be delayed but not denied”

Tyree Washington is a 400m World Champion in Track and Field, NFL Alumni, former Law Enforcement Peace Officer, Motivational speaker and Trainer that encourages, motivates and inspires people from all walks of life that regardless of the adversity they encounter, if they act as if there in a better environment, have a positive mindset and surround themselves around positive people there’s no adversity they can’t overcome.

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The "Success Principles" keynote is one that will intrigue and inspire your audience.

I’m no stranger to adversity, but I believe “From struggle comes story.” I have learned life lessons from my childhood to my professional career that bare lessons that all people alike can learn from. Let’s face it… At conferences and most events its hours of new information and workshops. An audience wants to be 1. Entertained and 2. Educated. I use the “Success Principles” keynote to do just that.

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Against All Odds

The story of a World Champion who turned trauma into success!

Tyree, “Ty” Shannon Washington rose up from the California ghetto to become one of the world’s best track and field athletes. Ty beat insurmountable odds to become a world champion in track and field in spite of experiencing constant traumatic episodes throughout his childhood.

Whether drugs, guns, gangs or family violence, Ty witnessed it all. But, unlike so many of his peers—some who didn’t live to tell the tale—Ty did a 180 degree turn away from it all and bootstrapped his way out of the darkness into the sunlight. His life’s journey is both a physical journey and a spiritual one. Against all Odds tells a story of courage and triumph in the midst of tragedy and trauma.

This story will encourage and empower anyone looking for a way out and a way up.

Against All Odds

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Hardback- $19.95

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Audio- $9.95

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